DO YOU OFFER A WARRANTY ON PAINT WORK?   Yes we warranty our paint work for up to 6 months after purchase.  If you have any problems with the paint - we will have it repainted for you.  You must bring the jeep to us and must be within 6 months of the purchase date.

DO YOU OFFER A WARRANTY ON YOUR JEEPS?  Our jeeps are sold AS-IS.  Our guarantee to you is that if you find ANYTHING that is not right about your jeep or not as advertised when you test drive it or have it inspected, just let us know and we will fix it!  We encourage  pre-purchase inspections and long test drives PRIOR to final purchase..

HOW COME I TOOK MY JEEP TO MY MECHANIC 2 MONTHS AFTER I BOUGHT IT AND THEY SAID IT NEEDS EVERYTHING?  When you go to Jiffy Lube, do they only want to sell you an oil change?  NO, they want to sell you on any upsell item they can think of.  Same with most mechanic shops (most, not all).  If you take a 30 yr old used jeep in and have it 'checked out', they are probably going to say "This is a used jeep, so you should have your transmission serviced' and make up a list of 'recommendations' or things that 'must' be done to scare you.   Just because a mechanic shop says you should have something done, that doesn't mean it necessarily needs that.  You can take your jeep to a 'PERFECT' level or keep it at a 'used level or a less than perfect level'.   If you take your jeep to a mechanic shop to 'have it checked out' they can tell you whatever because its a used jeep and you probably will not know if it TRULY needs that or not.  Most shops (not all) are out to get as much business as they can so don't you think they are going to tell you that it needs a whole laundry list of things?   This is why ALL inspections MUST be done at our shop BEFORE final purchase.  That way we are there and we can verify anything they say.  How do we know that whoever is 'inspecting' it even knows anything about what they are inspecting?   In some ways its like having a handyman check out your house that a licensed contractor just built for you.  If we are present at the time of inspections, then WE will know if they are qualified in what they are doing.  We have never had a pre-purchase inspection fail.  They might find a couple of nit picky things as these are used jeeps so that means they are less than perfect.  Again, anything they find that is against what we advertise, we will take care of.  Its as simple as that.


WHY NOT?  Typically for kids first jeeps we recommend something newer, not lifted, smaller motor and something fuel injected.  These will be much safer for less experienced drivers than something older with a big V8 and lifted.  Trust us on that one.

WE ARE CONCERNED FOR SAFETY, DO YOU CUSTOM BUILD ROLLBARS ON YOUR JEEPS?   Yes!  We can build virtually any type of rollbar you can imagine.  This is both for safety and for a nicer jeep appearance!  We have done custom full roll cages, front cages, family roll bars and much more.  We custom build rollbars for rear seat 'SHOULDER' belts.  Back in the day with the 'CJ' rollbars you could not do shoulder belts in the rear.  We can accomplish this with ANY jeep that we sell for an added fee.

I WANT AN AUTOMATIC JEEP CJ7 WITH AIR CONDITIONING, CAN YOU DO THIS?  Yes!  There is an added charge for brand new A.C. but air can be added to any of our jeeps!  On our build sheets we have a list of popular add-ons and the prices.

DO YOU OFFER FINANCING?    YES, we use an independent company for financing and have had great feedback.  Please call Laurie Morgan at 407-234-5889 and she will direct you to who to talk to to get financing started.  If you are military, we have done many loans with USAA and Navy Federal Credit Union.  We will assist anyway possible with any loan company. 

DO YOU TAKE TRADE INS?  Yes!  We take trade ins on any passenger vehicle such as cars, pickup trucks and also jeeps of course as long as the numbers work for BOTH parties.  We will try to give you a fair price and you won't have the hassles of trying to sell it yourself.  You also save on tax money with a trade in.  We don't typically take in boats, golf carts, and things like that.  Any questions on any trade ins, simply ask us! 

I PUT A DEPOSIT DOWN ON A JEEP AND I HAVE A COUPLE OF CHANGES, WHAT DO I DO?   ALL changes must be added to the original build sheet and must be resubmitted to EZJEEPS now EZCustom4x4.  This is simply to make sure nothing gets overlooked.  We ALWAYS want to be on the same page and do not want anything missed or forgotten.  Mistakes happens and we want to minimize that as much as possible.
Below is a very "general" price list of what we offer with the different models that we deal in.  We can usually get any of the models listed below and re-do them for the price listed below.  As of 2019, we have probably sold well over 600 jeeps.  Prices below also includes us shipping these models to our shop to be redone if not currently in stock.  This is a basic guideline only, not set in stone, as some models may have tons of extras and other factors may effect the price.  We usually include any mechanical work, any bodywork, your choice of new paint colors, your choice of new seat colors, your choice of new tire sizes (up to 35s included, bigger than that would be an add on for the difference), new bimini top, rhinoline inside, lights blinkers & gauges working and in the end - a clean presentable jeep that will get you lots of compliments.

WE ARE LOCATED AT 953 N Ronald Reagan Blvd # 101 Longwood FL 32750  Skyhigh Services, Inc is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured USED Jeep Dealership known as EZCustom4x4 dealing in mainly USED Jeep CJ5, CJ6, CJ7, CJ8 Scramblers, Wrangler YJ & TJ, Jeepster Commandos and other models.  WE SELL CLASSIC JEEPS!!!  We are THE place for affordable CLASSIC jeeps.  We custom build used jeeps and sell used jeeps.  WE ARE ALSO A FULL SERVICE JEEP REPAIR AND LIGHTER REFURBISHMENT SHOP.  WE LOVE CLASSIC RARE JEEPS AND WE LIKE BRINGING THEM BACK TO LIFE BUT WE DONT SELL 'PERFECT' 'SHOW' JEEPS!  Thats the good news because this is to save YOU money.   Lots of money.  If you want a perfect, show quality jeep, be prepared to spend $30K - $50K and we will refer you to such a place.  That's not us.  With that said, we put a ton of work into each one and any one on this site that is listed as SOLD is probably one that we totally re-did, so judge for yourself.  We also enjoy taking 50 to 100 pics of each jeep that we finish and putting the slideshow link on our site as well as we also put all of our jeeps on our YOUTUBE channel so you can see and hear it drive.  We are proud to do this for each one.  This is our website called EZCustom4x4.COM in which we are now known as 'EZCustom4x4'.  Around 2006 we started to "dabble" in jeeps which lead us to develop our website and go live shortly thereafter.  We sell USED classic jeeps AND we offer 'Made to Order' USED jeeps as well where we allow YOU to come out and pick out how you want your used jeep.  Typically, PRICES INCLUDE THE JEEP itself, New Tires, New Seats, Mechanical work, Bodywork, Rhinoline, New Paint, New Bimini Top, gauges, lights, blinkers and MUCH MORE!!!!!!  YOU CHOOSE HOW YOU WANT IT TO LOOK... We do this on a USED JEEP level as opposed to a FULL restoration level.  This saves you tons of money.  We sell 'presentable' jeeps that will get you compliments.  Please don't confuse our jeeps with brand new jeeps.  These are still classic older jeeps that will need odds and ends at any given time like any other older used vehicle.  If you do not understand this, simply call us up and we will explain this in full detail.  We are a true jeep shop with jeep experts so we have a good knowledge of classic jeeps.  We usually allow you to pick your colors, tire sizes, lift or no lift, rear seat or not and the list goes on.  WE WANT TO MAKE THE JEEP YOUR JEEP!  We feature virtually every jeep that we build and sell on our YOUTUBE channel - BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO SEE ALL OF THE COOL, CRAZY, ONE OF A KIND JEEPS THAT WE CONTINUE TO BUILD EACH AND EVERY YEAR!!!! 


We are located in a small town called LONGWOOD which is a part of Orlando in sunny Central FL!  Our address is 953 N Ronald Reagan Blvd Longwood FL 32750 # 101.  Go to your NAVIGATION and just type in EZJEEPS and it should bring you right to our shop!  Call first to ensure the owner is here when you arrive!  We sell NATIONWIDE and assist with DELIVERY TO YOUR DRIVEWAY so don't worry about where you are located.  We have 4500 sq ft ENCLOSED SPACE of Jeeps, Jeeps and more classic Jeeps.  We invite you to come by our headquarters and COMPARE different model jeeps so you get exactly what you are looking for if you are not familiar!  We want you to see, feel and drive each to know what each one drives and feels like.  When you walk around our shop, you usually can see jeeps that are  'in the works', jeeps that are 'raw' and/or 'untouched' and 'completed' jeeps as well so you know what to expect when completed.  We consult with you to make sure you are getting the vehicle that suits you the best.  We sell presentable jeeps that you will get compliments on and we save you lots of money on a jeep customized to your taste.  If you walk in and say "I WANT A PERFECT JEEP" we will send you to a place that does just that for you.........


     *  Mechanical work.  We go through and fix any issues THAT WE COME ACROSS.  This DOES NOT mean every nut, bolt or part is replaced, just what is necessary at the time and items that we see.  When we replace parts, they are usually replaced with NEW parts (starters, alternators, batteries, gaskets, lifters, etc.)   This includes motor, transmission, brakes, power steering, and the list goes on.  If the tranny needs to be re-done, that's included and it gets done.  If the motor needs to be rebuilt or replaced, that's included and will be done.  We get them in the best mechanical shape as possible.  Our crew will take your jeep on multiple long test drives to make sure that it starts, runs, drives and stops exactly like it should.  Keeping this in mind, our goal is a presentable daily driver jeep, as opposed to a brand new jeep.   The end result is that your customized jeep will look like any of the SOLD jeeps on this website.  There will be imperfections as our price range does not mean a full frame off restoration.   PLEASE ask us If you do not understand this.   
     *  Bodywork and paint.  If there are rust on the floors, we cut out bad spots and weld in new ones, etc, etc.  Your choice on paint colors.  We offer "Standard paint" and "Enhanced paint" jobs that are currently subbed out to two different shops in town.  We don't paint in house.  "Standard paint" is a base coat clear coat that looks presentable but will have imperfections upon inspection.  We are a more budget shop so please understand that it cannot be perfect.  Body shop paint jobs range from a few hundred to $10K or $15K show jobs, so please understand this.   "Enhanced paint" means a higher quality paint, extended prep time, more wet sand and buffing, less imperfections overall.  Very presentable paint jobs but not $10K or $15K show jobs.  ENHANCED paint is available for an added fee.  We have the ability to make the paint work as nice as you want it for added fees.  We offer a 6 month warranty on paint jobs.  Transport to and from our shop is the responsibility of the purchaser.   If you find yourself expecting absolute perfection, then a full restoration shop would be the answer for you.  We have color books in our office to choose colors for color assistance and we have other methods to get the color you want....  
     *  Outside lights, blinkers, brake lights, tail lights, etc  We make sure these are working properly when it leaves our shop. (All new wiring harness would be an add-on)  
     *  Interiors are fully rhinolined.
     *  BRAND NEW SEATS.  Standard seats on the fronts and a rear fold & tumble seat is included (IF AVAILABLE).  You choose your colors.
     *  BRAND NEW TIRES and you choose your size up to 35 inch - beyond that would be an add-on for the difference.
     *  You can have the jeep stock size with no lift or lifted slightly.  New suspension lifts such as 4 inches or higher, for example, would be an added charge.
     *  Brand new Bimini top (full soft top, doors or hardtops would be a slight additional add-on).  You usually will get your choice of doors either full hard roll up window style, hard half doors, 'tube' style 'trail' doors or the matching canvas soft doors and windows (depending on availability).

Items that are not generally included in our basic price (but can be requested for an added fee) would be items such as A/C, specialty bumpers, nerf bars, winches, sound bars, specialty roll cages, tow packages, locking center consoles, brake booster upgrades, decal kits, brand new custom rims, etc.  Call us with any questions as this is a general guideline.  On jeeps that say "SALE PENDING' this means that a customer has put a deposit on it and a build is in progress.  If its something you really like, of course we can make another duplicate or similar jeep.  Timeline to build depends on starting point of Jeep as well as customers that are ahead of you.  ALL TIMELINES ARE ESTIMATES.  WE WILL NOT GUARANTEE AN EXACT TIME OF COMPLETION, ONLY AN ESTIMATE.  With older vehicles of anykind, it is impossible to predict exactly when it will be complete.  If you need to fly in or come from a far distance, we will need to complete the jeep in full THEN let you know to schedule a time at that point.

IMPORTANT:  WHEN YOU COME FOR FINAL TEST DRIVE AND BEFORE PURCHASE, IF WE MISSED SOMETHING, PLEASE LET US KNOW AND WE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT (Keeping in line with what we advertise)!  Its as simple as that.  THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN OUR GUARANTEE TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS.  This MUST be done prior to finalizing.  Out of state buyers, you can hire companies to come out and do a PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION for your own peace of mind.  Some companies that do this are Mobile Mechanics, Auto Critic, One Guard and many more.  They will come out and do a thorough inspection for you prior to final purchase.  WE ENCOURAGE ALL BUYERS TO HAVE THIS DONE PRIOR TO FINALIZATION OF YOUR JEEP SO YOU ARE NOT JUST TAKING OUR WORD FOR IT.  IMPORTANT: ONCE THE JEEP LEAVES OUR FACILITY, IF IT HAS TO COME BACK TO OUR SHOP FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, IT IS THE OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY FOR TRANSPORT TO AND FROM. 

WILL WE REHAB YOUR JEEP THAT YOU BRING US?  Yes, we will do a nice re-do on your existing jeep for approx $8900.  This includes all the standard items such as Mechanical work, new paint and bodywork, interior rhinoline, new tires, new seats, all the gauges, lights/blinkers working and detailing.   Items that are not included in the base rehab price would be Frame replacement, Motor or tranny rebuild or replacement or body replacement.  Also - incomplete or disassembled jeeps will have added fees.  We will bring your old jeep back to life and make your jeep look AWESOME again!

WE BUY JEEPS!  Call us up if you have a jeep to sell, we will usually buy it!

WE TAKE TRADE INS!  We DO take trade ins on basically any passenger CAR OR TRUCK.  FOR MOTORCYCLE TRADE INS, WE WILL ONLY WORK DEALS ON CHEAPER ONES THAT ARE LESS THAN $3K since we are not motorcycle dealers or brokers.  We DO NOT take boats, golf carts or atv's as trade ins.  On our trade ins we try our best to determine a value that works for you as well as us.  ALSO - YOU SAVE ON TAXES BY TRADING YOUR VEHICLE IN and you wont have the aggravation of selling it yourself.  We will take trade ins as-is.

DEPOSIT:  WANT TO GET THE PROCESS STARTED NOW?  CALL US AT (844)-EZJEEPS or our local line 407-739-1699 and we can take the deposit over the phone and email you the confirmations or If you are local enough, then come over to our shop and do this in person.  Deposits are minimum $3500 to hold and start the process on one of our jeeps.  We also collect half of the optional items as well.  We accept Cash, Checks or Credit cards for deposits.  ALL deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE since the jeep will be taken off the market and marked SALE PENDING.  If you see something you like you should contact us immediately and make arrangements to hold it and lock it in.  We will also allow you to put a deposit down on ones that we don't have yet and we will 'locate' for you. 

PAYMENT Final payments on our jeeps are either CASH or CASHIERS CHECKS ONLY.  IF YOU ARE DEPENDENT ON GETTING A BANK LOAN PLEASE LET US KNOW AS OLDER VEHICLES ARE SOMETIMES MORE DIFFICULT TO GET LOANS ON.  We now have a source for CLASSIC CAR FINANCING.  They are known to finance classic cars if you have good credit.  Please go to LIGHTSTREAM.COM and it will walk you through the process.   All prices exclude the registration costs.  All registration costs will be due upon delivery of vehicle.  This includes a $150 processing fee, sales tax and tag / title fees.  You will save a lot of money if you 'transfer' your tag as opposed to getting a 'new' tag.  Jeeps that are 30 years OR older will qualify for the ANTIQUE TAG which is cheaper.  To see if you have a tag to transfer, check with your local tag office.  Please have valid drivers license and insurance card when you arrive to pick up your jeep.

DELIVERY!  We understand you want to buy a jeep but having trouble getting the jeep home.  We offer delivery available for $1.50 per mile distance from the shop and usually within a 3 hr radius. I.E. If you live 82 miles from the shop, we will tow it for a total of $123.  You must SEE the jeep first and test drive before delivery.  Out of state buyers are usually pleasantly surprised at the shipping rates from shippers.  We can provide a shipping broker by request.

All jeeps are SOLD AS-IS and ALL sales are final.   You are ALWAYS WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED to bring your mechanic or have an inspection company come TO OUR SHOP and check these Jeeps out anyway possible so you have total peace of mind.  We also ENCOURAGE, prior to finalization, you take it on a nice hour long test drive to ensure everything is as you expected.  We want you to be satisfied and know what you are buying.  IF YOU FIND SOMETHING WHILE YOU ARE TEST DRIVING IT, LET US KNOW AND WE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT!  WE ARE NOT SURE HOW TO BE MORE FAIR THAN THAT!    

We look forward to meeting each and every one of you.  If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to call us and we can answer ALL of your questions! 


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Jeepster Commando (1960s - 1973) $16,999 (Very cool, Very classic and YES the top comes off too)
CJ6 (1950s - 1975)  $16,999 (6 cyl)  (Longer than a CJ7 but a little shorter than a Scrambler, Very Rare)
CJ8 SCRAMBLER (1981 - 1986) $19,999 (Generally has the longest wheelbase and most space, can have (2) backseats with this model)
Wrangler TJ (1997 - 2006) $13,999  (Most of these we buy are 6 CYL and A/C)
Wrangler YJ (1987 - 1995) $12,999  ("square headlights" Same length as the CJ7 but newer, later models came with fuel injection)
CJ7 4 or 6 cyl motor (Year range 1976 - 1986) $12,999  OUR MOST POPULAR MODEL
CJ7 upgrade to V8 motor $14,599
CJ5 (1950s - 1983) $12,999  (Same as CJ7 but  shorter doors and shorter wheelbase and body)
CJ7 upgrade to V8 motor $14,599
Baby Scrambler (1976 - 1995)  $15,999  (CJ7 or YJ includes Half top, bulkhead, full doors, proper rollbar and everything else we offer on our package)